New Book by Ralph Ellis Indicates Jesus Was a King of Edessa 04

In reality, Jesus was a prince of Edessa in northern Syria. The Edessan monarchs were Nazarene Jews who helped fund the Temple of Jerusalem and saved Judaea from famine. And, just like Jesus, they too were religious and political revolutionaries who tried to take control of Judaea, but were thwarted by the Romans.

In addition: The biblical Jesus was called (King) Jesus Emmanuel. The Edessan monarch was called King Izas Manu(el). All of the Edessan monarchs wore a plaited Crown of Thorns.

Thus we now know who Jesus was, where he lived, and who his family were. Visit his city, see the ruins of his citadel, gaze upon his statue, handle his coins.

In reality, Jesus was a son of King Abgarus au Kama of Edessa, a minor princeling with a small realm, a large treasury, and big ambitions. But the Wise Prince of northern Syria came up against an intractable Rome, and his many plans crumbled to dust. The historical records then indicate that this revolutionary prince of Edessa was crucified outside Jerusalem, along with two other leaders of the revolt, but he was reprieved and taken down from the cross by a man called Joseph(us). And yes, this is a very familiarsounding story. But in reality the gospels always did say that Jesus was a Nazarene (Matthew 2:23) and a king (Luke 23:38), and so this new analysis changes very little of the gospel story.

This is a scholarly study of the available historical evidence, including the Tanakh, Talmud, Josephus Flavius, the Roman historians, and venerable Syriac historians like Moses of Chorene and Yohannes Drasxanakertci.

“Jesus, King of Edessa” By Ralph Ellis 580 pages

The final episode in the King Jesus Trilogy: “Cleopatra to Christ” “King Jesus” “Jesus, King of Edessa”

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